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  • 2020 Design Complete

    More infoSingle Seat, Single User - version 11.8 - License(s) with Updates, Product Support & Maintenance for 12 months or prorated to active subscriptions’ renewal date.
    Operating system(s):PC Operating Systems (64 bit): Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 - MAC: Apple Macintosh using Bootcamp
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    Your purchase includes a 12 month subscription for Updates, Product Support & Maintenance to your 2020 Design product at $650.00. After 12 months, you will have the option to renew your subscription to continue receiving these benefits.
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2020 Design - Additional User Subscription

Need to occasionally share your 2020 Design license with a team member? Add an Additional User!

  • Secure way to share and control who can use your license. No risk to have a license lost or stolen!
  • Each Additional User has the same access rights. No risk of working on different or unsupported versions!
  • Provide access to personnel in different locations. No need to send dongles or risk misplacing one!
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This subscription service is the right solution to share a license when not in use. Note, only one user at a time can actively use a license

Price for 12 months: $246.00/year